Bill Gets To Build Smart City Of The Future

Bill Gets Smart City , Future

One of the well known and worldwide respected names in the business world and especially in IT sector is of Bill gates. He is known not just for inventing computing devices but also for donating a huge amount of his earnings for world peace, education and development.
He is in news for one more time and this time it is about he developing and building up his own smart city in the state of Arizona.

He has spent $105 mllion to buy a huge chunk of land in the state of Arizona which is near to the city of Phoenix, around 45 min west to it.

The reason behind this huge purchase of land is to develop 25,000 acre of land in to a huge modern smart city of the future. The name of the upcoming city would be ‘Belmont’ named after the real estate investment group based in Arizona.

The city would be having never ending data centre, technology cantered infrastructure, high speed internet network, self driving and so on.

The partition of the land would be like- Spacious land for 80,000 units for residential purpose along with around 3,800 acres for commercial and business purpose. Plus, about 470 acres will be dedicated for schools.

This smart city would be able to accommodate around 182,000 people. When will the construction of this project begin is yet not disclosed.


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