Hybrid Plane Of Future On Its Way

Hybrid Plane, Future

Three giants in the sector of technology aviation and engines are coming together to form a plane of future. Airbus, Siemens and Rolls-Royce are joining hands to develop and build a hybrid plane which will be assuring lowest possible carbon dioxide emission.

This plane would be a true representative of future. It will be an advanced version of lying version of the E-Fan X technology demonstrator plane. Companies are aiming to build it by the year 2020. It would be based on current BAe 146 (four-engine regiona)l jet.

The plane would use a single electric turbofan along with three conventional jet engines running on aviation fuel. The plane would be producing electric power in turbines which will be used to run the fan of a single turbofan engine.

Airbus would be involved in giving it a whole structure along with building control systems and flight controls. Rolls-Royce will build a generator and the turbo-shaft engine, while Siemens would take care of providing power to the engine.


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