Apple Inc and Qualcomm Dispute Getting Stretched

Apple Inc and Qualcomm Dispute

This already long stretched dispute between Apple Inc and Qualcomm got another turn on Wednesday when Apple Inc. filed a countersuit on Qualcomm blaming it for patent breach actions. Apple said that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile phone chips which it uses to run a wide variety of Android-based devices is actually based on Apple’s ideas and products.

This started when in the month of July 2017, Qualcomm alleged Apple for infringing many patents which are helping increasing battery life of mobiles.

Apple has denied this allegation and rather has counter it with another allegation which it filed in U.S. District Court in San Diego, saying that Qualcomm has violated minimum of eight of Apple patents.

Apple patents include making sure each part of the mobile is and processor uses only that much power which is needed and the parts of processors which are not active for the moment will not be provided any supply of power along with smooth function of sleep and work switching actions.

In the filing, Apple blames that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 and 820 processors, which power range of reputed mobile phones are violating on apple patents.

Separately, Qualcomm is facing a lawsuit from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over many of the same pricing practices Apple named in the lawsuit.


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