Dow Jones Reached Highest Ever

Dow Jones

ON the backdrop of the anticipated tax cut that will be voted on in the U.S. this week, Dow Jones showed a never before spike going over 24,000 mark on Thursday.

At its early trading the Dow Jones index of blue-chip shares was stable at 24,029.76, showing upward reach of 89 points (0.37%). Top gainer on the index was Goldman Sachs with 2% rise and the worst performance was of the Coca-Cola which went down by 0.82%. Standard & Poor was up by up 0.5% to 2 While NASDAC gained rise of 0.3% reaching 6,843.02.

Shares in the U.S. touching new heights are the magic of upcoming tax cut in the country. A few other winners on the Daw Jones are Intel, Exxon Mobil, United Technologies and Caterpillar. On the other hand those who showed a gloomy performance include, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Travelers and GE.


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