Companies In Silicon Valley Attempt To Be More Inclusive

Silicon Valley

Having different political perspectives and inclinations and expressing them in the public is a part of the liberty that we get as democratic and republic countries, but expressing political inclinations in work premises is not as easy as it is in public for employees of giant companies, especially IT companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter.

This summer, Twitter Inc.’s new diversity chief met employees to ensure if the feel welcomed at the work place or not. Some of the employees confirmed that they do feel excluded and disconnected with the rest when it comes to their political views and preferences. The conservatives are said to be facing these issues more.

On the one hand IT companies in Silicon Valley are trying to maintain diversity among the workforce and on the other hand the workers are feeling cautious to express their views in a fear of losing the job, missing the promotion or spoiling their own reputation in the company.

Companies such as Facebook Inc., Google’s Alphabet Inc. say that having diverse employees is crucial for them  as they have billions of users globally which belong to different culture, views, economic and social status. Having biased workforce will limit the reach of the companies.


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