Disney Keeping An Eye On Fox


As the Fox is planning on reducing its structure of operations, the Disney has started a talk with Fox for buying at least a part of its empire. However, Fox is already in talks with Comcast for the same.

The Disney tried to talk to Fox in the beginning of the year too, this shows how much in hurry these big entertainment and media companies are. Fox is owned by media giant Murdochs.

As per the information given by the insider, Fox will fix the deal by the end of the year.

Both Disney and Comcast are highly interested in only a few parts of the Fox businesses, namely, the 20th Century Fox movie studio, FX, Sky, Star.

Even after selling these parts of the business, Fox would be left with many highly profitable businesses, like Fox News and its sports pay-TV channel.

Representatives for Fox, Disney and Comcast declined to comment on the state of the talks.


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