UK Shows Upward Manufacturing Growth

UK , Manufacturing Growth

Last month in November, UK manufacturing activity grew showing the fastest pace since last four years. In November, The Purchasing Managers’ Index reached 58.2.

The growth in manufacturing of the country is said to be due to the increase in exports and high inflow of foreign investments in the country. As per the report of The Office for National Statistics, foreign investments in the country were £145.6bn in 2016 as compared to 25.3bn in 2015.

These raise in investments was due to some crucial big deals including:

  • Anheuser-Busch InBev buying SAB Miller.
  • ARM Holdings bought by Softbank.
  • Royal Dutch Shell purchasing BG Group etc.

However, some economists believe that though 2016 has shown a growth, 2017 might be challenging for the country’s foreign investment as Brexit is coming closer.

The report also said that, though the domestic market was strong, it is the increase in new export orders from the US and Europe which played a big role in the overall success.


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