General Motors In Trouble For Selling Defective Cars

General Motors

General Motors has started recalling 2.6 millions of his cars due to the defective switch issues. The cars include models like Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Io. This worldwide recall is taking place on the backdrop of the hearing taken place last week, where allegations are made on an engineering working in GM for covering up the defect in switch.

Understanding the gravity of the matter, GM has sent two of its employees on a paid leave till the attorney hired by GM investigate the reason behind the delay made by company in recalling the defective cars. Company has taken this step after almost a decade.

GM has hired former US Attorney Anton Valukas to investigate the matter. GM has stated that the defects have caused a death of at least 13 people, while family members of the deceased say the number is definitely higher.

GM CEO Mary Barra said that the step taken by the company is for a temporary period till th company finds out what has actually happened.


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