Nissan To Start Robot Taxi By 2020

Nissan, Robot Taxi

Nissan is planning to start its robot taxi which will be on roads of Japan by March 2020. It is testing its self driven ride hailing service.

Nissan will build Tow Leaf Electric Car having sensors and camera along with autonomous driving program developed by DeNA. The car will first be tested and put on the road in the designated are of Nissan in Yokohama.

Manager of Nissan’s corporate strategy department, Kazumasa Fujita said that Nissan will
Jointly built y Nissan and DeNA, the cars will be more advanced than Nissan’s present semi autonomous system called ProPilot which allows single lane automated driving which is helpful on highways.

DeNA has cancelled its partnership with ZMP and has joined hands with Nissan in this most awaited project.

Nissan has informed that during the test, driver will sit behind the steering wheel but the vehicle will be driven by the program developed. The test service known as Easy Ride will be open for 2 weeks.


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