US Startup to Build Supersonic Passenger Jet

US Supersonic Passenger Jet

One US startup named Boom Technology is been trying to build a supersonic passenger jet. For this it is said to be getting an investment of a $10 million from Japan Airlines Co. This US start up is trying to reignite the project which was left incomplete a decade ago after Concorde.

The Concorde, was flown by British Airways and Air France and got retired in the year 2003 among the declining economy and high maintenance cost. The plane used to fly with the pace of twice the speed of sound.

Apart from investing in the project Japan Airlines has also agreed to purchase up to 20 aircrafts, as per the joint statement issued by both the companies on their website.

Japan Airlines Co. is the second company showing interest in these jets following Virgin Atlantic of Richard Branson. The aim of Boom Technology is to build around 45 to 55 aircrafts which can fly with a speed of 1,451 miles per hour and be capable of carrying passengers from New York to London in around three hours.

The aircraft is expected to be in the use by mid 2020s and will have a range of 8,334 kilometers.


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