Former VW Executive To Go Behind Bars

VW Executive, Behind Bars

An Ex Volkswagen executive, Oliver Schmidt has been sentenced to 7 years in prison with a fine of $400,000. He has been found guilty to help Volkswagen in breaching clean-air laws.

48 years old Schmidt is the second executive in the US to be punished with jail for the scandal of diesel emissions.

Almost two years ago in September 2015 the company admitted that it had cheated on its customers and the law by using illegal program to pass US emissions tests.

The company has sold around 600,000 such vehicles in the US between 2006 and 2015. If consider the world, the number goes around 11 million.

According to the claims made by the US prosecutors, the company used special programming software in a few diesel vehicles which helped them to perform better in emissions tests than they would have under normal driving conditions. In some cases, it would have gone 30 times higher than permitted by the US rules.

Schmidt is one of 8 officials charged in the US in the diesel emissions scandals.


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