Emirates Airlines Flights Got Suspended By Tunisia

Emirates Airlines Flights

On Monday, Tunisia government Suspended Emirates Airlines flights on the backdrop of a public outcry over security measures being taken in UAE in matters related to north African women commuters.

The transport ministry of Tunisia stated thst it has decided to suspend Emirates flights to Tunis till the Emirates do not find the appropriate solution to operate as per international law and agreements.

A number of Tunisian women reported that they had to go go through an additional examination of their visas while travelling to Gulf via UAE airlines plus flights delays are alao an issue.

This news triggered angry reactions on social media and media outlets in Tunisia.

Considering the gravity of the matter, the United Arab Emirates said that delays faced by Tunisian women are due to security information.

It further informed that it has contacted its Tunisian brothers about this matter and it values Tunisian women and respect them.

The Tunisian government clarified that its decision was for only a short period and the restrictions had been lifted.


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