China’s Mental health sectir Issuing its first IPO

China’s Mental health sectir

According to the recent data published by Chinese authority, the number of mentally ill patients in the country is 173 billion. From 2014 to 2016 there has been a growth of 25% in the mental illness cases. Out of these only 20 million receive proper medical attention.

But this scenario is going to get vanished. This week, Wenzhou Kangning Hospital announced that it’s going to fetch an amount of $29.5 million in its IPO on China’s A-share market. This will make it the first mental-health-oriented business to be listed in mainland China market.

While on one hand side, the public sector is falling short to meet needs, Private hospitals in China are growing. At present 57.2% of hospitals in China are privately held.

Wenzhou Kangning, founded in 1996,  operates 8 hospitals and about 2,600 beds in China’s affluent east coast, focusing on young, white collar people .


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