Year’s First Tuna Auction Is On

    Tuna Auction Is On

    Years first Tuna auction is being held in Japan at the famous Tuna market named Tsukiji fish market.

    A giant Tuna was sold here on Friday for $323,300. This bluefin tuna was weighing 405 kg and was baught  from Aomori prefecture at 90,000 yen oer kilo by Yukitaka Yamaguchi. Yukitaka works as an intermediary for the wholesale fish merchant firm Yamayuki.

    Had it not been the first sale of the year, the Tuna had been sold for less than 10,000 yen per kilo. This selling price has crossed all the records so far. Highest price ever paid for Tuna is $1.37 million in a sale in 2013 by Kiyoshi Kimura, owner of a well known chain of sushi restaurants.

    Kimura, himself bought a bluefin tuna in this year’s auction for 30.4 million yen, at a staggering 160,000 yen per kilo.

    The auction on Friday is going to be the last New Year auction held at Tsukiji market, which started operating in 1935.It will relocate to Toyosa on October 11 as approved in the year 2011.


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