Airbus Finally To Increase The Production Of Planes In China

Airbus Increase Production In China

As a part of the French President’s visit to China, the European Airplane maker, Airbus has signed a deal with China to increase the production in China.

French President Emmanuel Macron is on the three day visit to China along with many corporste executives. Airbus is also accompnying the president.

The Airbus aims to manufacture 6 A320 jets every month by 2020 at its plant near the city of Beijing.

As part of the deal, Airbus promised that it will increase its industrial partnership in Tianjin which is one of four global facilities that assemble the A320. Its wings are produced in the UK.

Macron stated that in the past many countries have come closer to China with various hidden agendas. But with this visit he hopes that China looks at the European friendship with a new perspective and openness.


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