GCBD To Operate Apple’s iCloud in China

GCBD To Operate Apple’s iCloud
Apple’s iCloud services in mainland China will be handled by a Chinese company called Guizhou on the Cloud Big Data (GCBD) from next month, Apple has confirmed.
Apple’s customers in China have been informed of the change and are advised to go through the new terms and conditions. These changes are not obligatory to customers, any customer not happy with the new change can terminate the service.
Apple has signed a clause with the Chinese firm  which will allow Apple to have an access to all data stored on iCloud. Apple said that the change has been made just to get fit into country’s set of regulations.
The firm, Guizhou on the Cloud Big Data (GCBD), is owned by the Guizhou provincial government in southern China.
iCloud data will be transferred from 28 February, Apple said.


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