Facebook To Change Its News Feed Framework

Facebook Change News Feed Framework
Facebook is changing the way it used to promot the content on news feed. And has sent an email to all its content providers asking for patience and cooperation.
Stories and clips that attract comments and likes or are shared by users are more likely to be seen, the email specified.
Facebook will stick to the practice of prioritising content that users search for or watch regularly, such as weekly video series.

Facebook expressed that it understands very well the inconvenience the create contributors muat be facing as even the small change in the news feed can be disruptive.
The comlany has asked for some time tikk it figures all out. It said the motto and basis is to help people connect to earch other and ejoy the personal momenets of connection. The comlany is trying to build a framework around this base for its clients.
Facebook CEO vowed to fix the social network after Facebook faced a sharp criticism for adding to political polarisation, the distribution of fake news.


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