McDonald’s Getting Eco Friendly

McDonald’s Getting Eco Friendly
Popular Fast food giant McDonald’s has said that all its possible material of packaging like bags, straws, wrappers and cups will be made from recycled and sustainable materials 2025.
McDonald’s also aims that 100% of its restaurants will recycle packaging by 2025 as compared to 10% currently.
Francesca DeBiase, McDonald’s chief supply chain and sustainability officer, said that the change is being made on the request of most of the customers.
In the UK, use of foam packaging is almost stopped and over 1,000 restaurants use recycling bins for plastics and paper cups.
However, McDonald’s, the biggest restaurant chain on the earth with 37,000 sites across the globe has said that some of its restaurants might struggle to recycle packaging by 2025 as the infrastructure, regulations and behavior of customers vary but McDonald’s believes in solutions.
This change is the operations of restaurants is also because of the changed regulations in a few developed countries like The UK.
In the UK, Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to ban all avoidable plastic waste in the UK by 2042.


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