JP Morgan Had Warned UK Of Workforce Cut

    JP Morgan Had Warned UK

    The chief executive of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon has told media that it could cut its UK workforce by 16,000, if financial rules  after Brexit are not favourable.

    Mr Dimon said that such a scenario would harm London as a financial hub. JP Morgan had already warned the UK of job cuts when the country was thinking of voting in favour of Brexit.

    JP Morgan, along with other US bank Goldman Sachs, has already signalled that Frankfurt will be the major beneficiary.

    But, like other chief executives at the Swiss ski resort, Davos, Jamie Dimon is seemed to be in love with French President Emmanuel Macron.

    Macron invited Mr Dimon and other hundred international chief executives, to the Palace of Versailles this week.

    But the main event will be the arrival of Donald Trump who will be delivering the closing address on Friday.

    Jamie Dimon is said to be the strong defender of Trump policies.

    So, on Friday if Trump is in one corner and the rest of the world in the other, we know which corner Jamie Dimon will be in!


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