Qualcomm Fined By EU Competition Commission

Qualcomm Fined

The world’s biggest mobile chips maker Qualcomm has been fined $1.2bn by European Competition Commission for pstopping competitors opersting in the market. The chip maker is alleged by EU authorities for paying Apple to use its chips.

Qualcomm has denied the allegation and has said thst it would appeal against it.

Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said that Qualcomm had paid billions of dollars to Apple to exclusively use its chips in iPhones and iPads.

She further said that this behaviour of Qualcomm has denied consumers and other companies more choice.

It is not just EU who has alleged Qualcomm. In January 2017 US regulators also alleged  Qualcomm for similar activities.

Last November the company rejected a $103bn takeover proposal from Broadcom.


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