Joe Bloggs Is To Sell Its Assets

    Joe Bloggs

    Joe Bloggs, which is known for its baggy denim flares, has made 60 people redundant and its assets are being put up for sale.

    East, the Asian-inspired High Street fashion brand has also gone into administration. An indian retail group Fabindia controlles East. It has 34 stores and 15 concessions in the UK, with a total of 314 employees.

    These are facing tough times  due to the downfall in the UK retail fashion market. While new online fast-fashion brands are showing upward graph, older brands and High Street retailers are struggling.

    Joe Bloggs was set up by Shami Ahmed in 1985 . The brand  boosted the wave of Manchester’s cultural in late 1980’s. But he declared bankruptcy in 2009.

    East was launched in 1994 by Clive Pettigrew, Penny Oliver and Jonathan Keating.


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